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Aleovera – Black and White Fungus Sugar free Dessert

Healthy mixed fungus, aloe vera dessert !! Eating black and white fungus could help keep our skin young believing that its natural collagen content is comparable to bird's nest.   Try this delicious healthy black fungus smoothies ~Slurppp~Sugar Free, Fat Free. Delicious and Healthy Aloe Vera Black-White Fungus dessert black-white-fungus-sugar-free-smoothie miracle-plant-aloe-vera Ingredients: 150 gm Dried Black and

Pumpkin Coconut Milk Glutinous Rice Balls

Pumpkin coconut milk sticky rice balls.

Winter Solstice Golden Tang Yuan A Warm Greeting Everyone ! May you have a warm & enjoyable Winter. And Christmas is just a few days away! Everyone posting Tang Yuan Dessert and this is special Rolling Tang Yuan Photo, love it ! Pumpkin Coconut Milk Glutinous Rice Balls   Ingredients: 600 gm Pumpkin 3 cups Glutinous rice flour-divide into 3

Black White Fungus Sugar Free Smoothie

Benefits of Black White Fungus Black fungus is a very famous Chinese cuisine for making variety dishes and dessert. It also has been labeled as traditional medicinal food for thousands of years because of its nutrient. Black White Fungus contain abundant of protein equal to meat.   As Meat in Vegetables, black fungus is one

Grosvenor Momordica & Ogo Seaweed Sugar Free Dessert

This is a wonderful Natural Vegan Collagen 'n also a Sugar Free dessert for DIABETES. Grosvenor Momordica fruit belonging to cucurbitaceae a kind of perennial plant with old root and herbal stem, planted mainly in Guilin, Guangxi in China for more than two hundred years .Most People in China named *

Basil Seeds Aloe Vera Dessert

Aloe vera and basil seeds dessert with Kiwi and orange

Aloe Vera + Basil Seeds. Eat RAW. Basil Seeds is also known as Biji Selasih in Malay. Today I am going to show you a very simple and easy RAW dessert. Special Tips on Basil Seeds: Sweet Basil seeds soaked in water, the seeds of several basil varieties become gelatinous, and are famous used

** Chinese New Year Vegan Cuisine Recipes 6 ** Pomelo Mango dessert

    Ingredients: A  Simple-Quick-Easy dessert ! 1  Passion fruit pulp 1 cup pomelo, break coarsely 1 Mandarin Orange 1 cup Mango cut cube 1/2 cup Ogo seaweed (soaked) Squeeze the mandarin orange juice with ice cube in vita-mix -blend until smooth, pour on bottom of the bowl. Arrange the pomelo,mango, ogo seaweed and passion fruit on top. Serve cold .. ,,,,,,Slurppp.........refreshing