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Carom Mints, Passion fruits Smoothie

Carom mints or Indian Borage have a refreshing flavor, hairy leaves with distinct aroma.

Carom mints common all for catching cold, sneezing, coughing and soar throat.

The plant is not sold in markets but can be found in almost all Chinese and Indian home gardens.

Chinese friends love to add this carom mints in Green Leicha or Herbal Tea for cough.

Sharing here today a tasty herbal smoothie adding carom mint leaves.

carom plants
Organic carom plants in my garden


sweet potatoes leaves
wonderful organic sweet potatoes leaves pack a powerful nutrition.

passion fruits smoothie.jpg 4


4-5 pieces Carom leaves

A bundle of sweet potatoes leaves ( only the leaves)

2-3 medium bananas

1 coconut water

2-3 passion fruits pulps

Place all in vita max and blend all into smoothie.

Enjoy tasty herbal smoothie !

passion fruits smoothie.jpg 1


passion fruits smoothie.jpg 2

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