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Organic Black-bean Noodles

Organic Black-bean Noodles / Tomato Noodles with Raw organic Veggies and DIY sauces. It taste good by stirring the noodles, sauces and vegetables together.


Raw shredded Carrot or Pumpkin (i use shredded Pumpkin for Organic Tomato Noodles)

Organic Cauliflower (steam for 1 mins)

Organic Raw string beans

Organic Raw Cucumber

Organic Raw Lettuce

Organic Black-bean Noodles and Organic Tomato Noddles

(Submerge the black-bean noodles in hot water for 10 mins until soft – Drained)



1/2 lbs Organic Tomatoes

3 fl oz of Olive Oil

6 sprigs of Parsley

1 small Red Chilli

Pinch of natural Sea Salt

Blenderize all ingredients together until smooth.

Add some chopped almonds into the sauce.

Enjoy black-bean noodles / tomato noodles with Raw organic Veggie.

Organic Tomato Noodle with Raw Organic Veggie