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Joyful News:Supreme Master Television is back!

Joyful News: October 3rd Supreme Master Television is back!   SupremeMasterTV Livestream broadcasting 24 hours everyday. PLEASE SHARE SMTV spreading the message of LOVE and PEACE, bring more Positive and bright power to the world. Non-profit television stations and Join us at 請開啟SMTV,繼續傳播愛與和平的訊息,為世界帶來更多正面光明的力量。 請大家一起努力! 無上師電視台   How to Get the Most Blessings ~ DREAM~ "I dream that the whole World will

A Whole Food Vegan Diet: The Ultimate Guide

A Whole Foods Vegan Diet: The Ultimate Guide Healthy eating is a lot easier to keep up when you make whole foods a big part of your dietary intake, but for some people, it can seem hard to adjust to. Processed foods are much more widely available and can seem temptingly


We invite You to Join Us ! SIGN UP FOR ETHICAL EATING DAY ON 11 JANUARY ALL LIVES HAVE FEELINGS AND DO MATTER. EMPATHIZE WITH THE LIVES OF OTHERS BY BEING A VEGETARIAN.   ETHICAL EATING DAY Tzu Chi has chosen 11 January 2016 as its Ethical Eating Day. Not only does “111” stand for

Jack fruit, Sweet Potatoes Leaves Smoothie

I love raw sweet potatoes leaves, I love green smoothies, so I finally decided to add jack fruit, passion fruits, sweet potatoes leaves to made a green smoothie! It was truly delicious and healthy smoothie.   Ingredients: 4-5 Bulbs Jack fruit 1 pulp of passion fruit Hand full organic sweet potatoes leaves 2 leaves Indian Borage (

Persian Onion Soup (Eshkeneh)

My son learned to cooked this healthy soup from a Persian friend, this Persian style of onion soup help to keep your body healthy and warm. Very good soup, delicious with simple ingredients and easy to cook. Ingredients: 2 tbsp of Olive oil 5 large union, peeled and thinly sliced 2 slice of ginger Pinch of Himalayan