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Aleovera – Black and White Fungus Sugar free Dessert

Healthy mixed fungus, aloe vera dessert !! Eating black and white fungus could help keep our skin young believing that its natural collagen content is comparable to bird’s nest.

Aleovera black white fungus smoothie
Aleo vera black white fungus sugar free dessert


Aleo vera-blackwhite fungus smoothie
Aleo vera- black nwhite fungus hot dessert

Try this delicious healthy black fungus smoothies ~Slurppp~Sugar Free, Fat Free. Delicious and Healthy Aloe Vera Black-White Fungus dessert




150 gm Dried Black and White Fungus or You can get the fresh one in market, soaked the dried Black fungus for 1 hour.

20 gm White fungus or snow ear fungus -soaked for 1 hour

2 stalks Aleo vera-  Peeled and clean, rinse throughly and cut into cube

20 pieces Dried red dates-pitted

60 gm Dried Longan

3 slices Ginger

1.8 liter pure filter water


1. Soaked the Black and white fungus for 1 hours until soft. Drain and keep aside,prepare a stew pot or slow cooker, pour in filter water.
***To prepare fresh black-white fungus, first trim off the firm core bottoms. Don’t soak them, for they’ll absorb water and turn mushy.*

2. The black and white fungus will double or triple its size after soaking. Add in soaked back and white fungus, red dates, dried longan and slices ginger in a slow cooker.

3. Stew in medium heat for 1 hour then turn to low heat slowly cook for another 1 hours.

4. Removed the red date, place in a vita-mix blend the hot dessert until smooth. Add in aleo vera cute. *Reminder: Do not cook aloe vera cute eat RAW in this dessert. You can keep in the refrigerator, if you love cold dessert. Healthy sugar free hot /cold dessert.

5. Add agave nectar if your family like sweetness.

You can also blend all the ingredients first in vita max with filter water then pour into pot cook, remember keep on stirring frequently until it thickens and the water evaporates under medium heat. This take about 40-45 minutes or more.
Continue stirring until it reaches your desired consistency. This take a bit of your patient time to cook this hot smoothie.
Choose either one that’s more easier for you 🙂

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