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A Wonderful HUMOUR Recipe of L0VE


Hello Happy Sunday to All !! Sharing you today a special wonderful HUMOUR recipe from my lovely FB friend with SMILEvegan smileLOVEvegan love BLESSING !

Fresh pineapple
Passion fruit pulp
Apple with seed, some rose marry ,
1 cup coconut water ‘n some coconut meat
1 slice ginger
Pumpkin seeds ( any nuts ,seeds of choice -soaked)
Place all ingredients in vita-mix and blend until smooth.
Enjoyyy !!!


Ingredients for Humour recipe Today ….

4 glasses of LOVE,
2 glasses of PATIENCE
3 glasses of KINDNESS,
4 glasses of UNDERSTANDING
1 glass of FAITH
5 spoons of HAPPINESS,
5 spoons of TENDERNESS
1 litre of HUMOUR

Take LOVE and Patience mix with faith.
Separately combine kindness, understanding and tenderness.
Combine everything and mix with friendliness and happiness.
Sprinkle abundantly with Humour.
Bake in SUN rays. Serve everyday with generosity of your soul !
Garnish with a SMILE vegan smileand serve with quietness, unselfishness and cheerfulness.

Thanks so much for this humour, sweet ,wonderful recipe with all LOVE .vegan love

Note : Pls feel free to add loads of your own feel good ingredients if you feel to get more tasty ‘with lots HUGS  vegan hugs LOVE .vegan love

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