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** Chinese New Year Vegan Recipe 12 ~ Rose Cranberries Vegan Cookies **


Chinese New Year is coming, when I was wondering if I can create something special for veganlogy readers… Da…da…. my neighbor knocked my door and gave me a pack of dried roses. Wow~~ A give from heaven! So, today I am proudly present to you guys

“Rose Cranberries Vegan Cookies “

Roses and cranberries are perfect match. Dried rose petal imparts an exotic flavour and giving it a wonderful blend of aroma and taste to the cookies. The rose cranberries vegan cookies are crisp and soft. But trust me, the taste is kinda awesome, just like M&Ms slogan: “Only melts in your mouth, not in your hand!” and leaving you an unforgettable fragrance of roses. If you are high tea lover, this would be the perfect choice for you. This wonderful feeling doubled when you have the cookies with a cup of hot green tea or hot coffee. Magnificent! Bravo! Very delicately flavoured and very moreish 🙂

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 Melt in mouth Lavender cookies


Rose -Cranberries Vegan Cookies
Rose Cranberries Vegan Cookies


Rose Petal Cranberries Vegan Cookies
Rose Petal Cranberries Vegan Cookies


Rose Petal Cranberries Vegan Cookies
Rose Petal Cranberries Vegan Cookies


Rose scent vegan cookies
Am eating some and enjoy with a cup of rose tea – delightful !


Lovely Rose Vegan Cookies
Lovely Rose Vegan Cookies


Lovely Rose Vegan Cookies
Enjoy Jasmine tea and Lovely Rose Cookies with your lovely friends ♥

Heres how to make your lovely and delicious Vegan Rose Petals cookies

Lovely Rose Cranberries Vegan Cookies :-


340 gm Nuttelex Olive margarine

150 gm Organic Raw Cane Sugar-blend into fine powder or use can use icing powder sugar is more easier.

200 gm Potatoes Flour

50 gm Corn flour-non GMO

300 gm Super fine Flour

100 gm Organic plain flour

1/2 cup Dried Rose Petal

40 gm Dried Cranberries-chopped into fine pieces

1 tsp Rose syrup


1.Sift all the dry flour and keep aside.

2.Blend the nuttelex, rose syrup, sugar powder until fluffly .

3.Add in dry flour, dried culinary rose petal, chopped cranberries, fold in until thoroughly combined.

4.Sprinkle a light dusting of flour on your hand and roll into a round shape or any desired shapes you wish then place on baking tray use a fruit small fork to press on top.

5.Bake in a 170’c preheated oven for 20-25 minutes, making sure that cookies do not over-brown.

6.Removed and place on wire tray let it totally cool down. Store in a air tight container.


7.You can serve these Rose Cranberries cookies on a pretty server for an enchanting tea-treats !!




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  • Aniello Giordano

    WoW * ___ * Your cookies are beautiful * ___ * You’ve got a great idea to use the dried roses with cranberries, it’s a winning combination. I also really like the chinese style of your pictures *____* If you were closer to me, I came to your home to eat some of them and to drink a cup of rose tea! I have a little question for you: what is the object situated near the dish inside the second photo above??? I’m curious… Kisses dear Pow Pow Shak <3

    • Pow Pow Shak

      thx so much Dear Aniello ! Sure you are welcome to have a cup of rose tea with wonderful fragrant rose cookies 🙂
      The object near the cookies is small chinese lanterns and the other one is the chinese brown teapot.