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Vegan Nyonya Kuih ~ Purple Coconut Yam Kuih

Purple Coconut Yam Kuih

Today, I am going to share with you all, my own unique, delicious, eggless, oil-free, vegan Nyonya Kuih recipe.

Totally is my own imagination and creation, Purple Coconut Yam Kuih.

So, remember this name, Purple Coconut Yam Kuih. My new unique recipe with the main ingredients of purple sweet potato and yam.

Remember, this kuih is preservative-free and wrapped in a layer of fresh grated coconuts, so you must finish them at the same day of “creation”.

As you can see in the picture, this kuih is wrapped inside a casing. The casing that I used is made of pandan leaves.

This pandan leaves casing is not just a decorative, but also have pandan fragrance!

Nyonya Kuih: Pandan Coconut Yam
Delicious Nyonya kuih ~ Coconut Yam ~

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My own creation of delicious, oil-free, eggless Nyonya kuih. Nice to see, nice to eat.

Nyonya Pandan Coconut Yam


100 gm Purple sweet potato -wash and keep the skin when steam

350 gm Yam (Taro) peeled and steam

100 gm Red beans paste-Homemade or from bakery store

1 tbsp Pumpkin Seeds

15-20 pieces Pandan Leaves Casings -How to make your own pandan leaves casing

1 cup fresh grated coconuts

Pinch of Natural Sea Salt


1.Add a pinch of salt to grated coconut mixed well. And also mixed the red beans paste with pumpkin seeds.
After that, keep aside.

2.Peel the skin of yam and purple sweet potatoes.

3.Steam in steamer for about 10-15 minutes until cooked.
Let it cool down.

steam yam and sweet potatoes

4.Mashed the yam and sweet potatoes. Mixed 2 tsp of purple sweet potatoes and 1 tbsp of yam (You can mix half of each) and add sweet red beans, sesame in the middle of the yam.

Mashed yam ,sweet potatoes


mashed yam,sweet potatoes 'nred beans paste


5.Roll the yam with fresh grated coconut and press into the pandan leaves casing. Keep on finish all the casing with yam/sweet potatoes, red beans paste.
It depends on how big /small of your pandan leaves casing will turn out.

Purple Coconut Yam Kuih
Purple Coconut Yam Kuih

6.You can keep in refrigerator for few hour, if you like it to be served cold.
Serve warm /cold depends on your own preference.

7.A great delicious snack is ready for the party !!
Please finish this Purple Coconut Yam Kuih in the same day due to grated coconut can’t keep for too long, it is preservative-free. The fresh grated coconut will turn sour.

Nyonya Pandan Coconut Yam




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