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Rare Sequential Magical Calender Date on World Vegan Month

10.11.12 Rare magical calender day

Rare Sequential Date

10.11.12 Rare magical calender day

10:11:12 and 10.11.12

What is the different between this 2 sets of numbers? Punctuation? Yes.

Time and Date.

10:11:12 is a time. Can be either am or pm. 10.11.12 is date, TODAY!  How about putting them together?

You can share this magical moment with your love one. It happens every 100 years!

And this year, it happens in World Vegan Month!










10.11.12 (Today)

11.12.13 Season finale.

12.13.14? Impossible!


Make it a reason to be Vegan or Vegetarian!

 We are the generation who have been thru these Rare Sequential Date, Magical Jackpot Date, and Rare Double Date.

New terms yeah? Haha, just a flash over my mind.

And the Magical Jackpot Date (Triple) is coming very soon, which is 12.12.12! 

Most of us love this, especially when you see tons of people Q outside Registry of Marriages on these date, such as 08.08.08, 09.09.09, 10.10.10, and 11.11.11!

Ahah~ One of my cousin’s wedding was in 08.08.08!

How about Rare Double Date? 20.12.2012!

Everyone loves special things.

Everyone is looking for a reason to do something. Everyone is also looking for an excuse to avoid something.

I can still remember that I’d registered a company under my name on a Rare Double Date, 20.10.2010.

Proof: My company’s registered on Magical Double Date.

“Winners find reasons, Loser make excuses”

Always find reasons rather than excuses.

Maybe next time when people asking you “when did you start to be Vegan / Vegetarian?” You can answer it proudly! Cheers~

And don’t forget to write to us your vegan journey 🙂

By the way, this month, winter, November, World Vegan Month.

Be Vegan ♥ Make Peace 

Go Green. Stop killing. Save the Earth.

 World Vegan Month

Simple question, Apple or Rabbit?

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