Mid-Autumn Special: Traditional Vegan Mooncake

Traditional Vegan mooncake

Traditional Vegan Mooncake

Traditional Vegan Mooncake Recipe

Have you try Veganlogy Black Sesame Snow Skin Vegan Mooncake? or Pandan Snow White Mooncake Recipe? This 2 recipes are unbaked mooncake, also known as snow skin mooncake.

Today, we would like to continue our Mid-Autumn Series, the third mooncake (baked) recipe which is Traditional Vegan Mooncake Recipe.

Specially thanks Loving Hut Johor Bahru who made this Traditional Vegan Mooncake for Veganlogy .vegan love yum…yum..

Hope this recipe will help you and Veganlogy wish all enjoy your Happy Mid-Autumn Festival with your love one.

For Dough:

300 gm Mooncake flour-from Bakery wholesale shop

2 tbsp Alkaline Water

50 gm Cooking Oil

180 gm Golden Syrup

Filling for One Mooncake:

50 gm Dough Skin

50 gm Melon Seeds

90 gm Lotus White Paste or Red Beans Paste-you can buy this ready made paste from Bakery wholesale shop

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  • userbuser

    Thank you for this recipe! I’ve been looking for a vegan version of the traditional/baked mooncakes. There are plenty of snow skin recipes, but very few baked kind than are vegan.

    • http://veganlogy.com/ Veganlogy

      You are welcome userbser :)
      Specially thanks Loving Hut Johor Bahru for sharing this Traditional Vegan Lotus melon seeds and Red beans baked mooncakes recipe.