Mid-Autumn Special: Pandan Snow White Mooncake

snow white skin mooncake

Pandan Snow White Vegan Mooncake with Yam, Red Bean, and Lotus Paste

Usually we called this type of mooncake as Snow Skin mooncake , which no need to bake, and served chilled. Famous by its skin type, normally snow white. Nowadays, we can see green, purple, red, yellow, and other shiny colours.

This is a moderate level recipe. Worth to try!

Tomorrow I will share with you another healthy and tasty mooncake recipe. Black Sesame Snow Skin Vegan Mooncake!

Pandan Snow Skin MoonCake

冰皮月饼 Snow Skin mooncake

“Try this  different fruits flavour of snow skin with all healthy natural fruits, flowers for coloring.”


180-gm Koh Fun-Hong Kong(cooked glutinous rice flour)

100gm icing sugar

60 gm Special Vegetable Shortening

280ml Pure filter water- together with pandan juice extract or you can add any fruits juice for flavour and also a natural fruits colouring for snow white skin.

10 pieces of Pandan leaves to make pandan juice extract

150 gm Yam-sliced-steamed

150 gm purple sweet potatoes-steamed



1. Sift kao fen and icing sugar together.

2. Rub shortening into the flour mixture until it resemble bread crumb.

3. Pour pandan liquid into flour mixture and mix to form soft dough. Do not overmix. (Dough will look rough but soft in texture.)

4. Cover the pandan dough and rest in the fridge for about 10-15mins.

5. Divide pandam dough into for 8 each portions of 80 gm each. Roll into a thin layer.

6. Divide the lotus paste into 8 portions of 140 gm each.Roll them into balls.
Try to make many different flavour of your paste ball.

7. Flatten it and wrap in two different filling paste, seal the edges and roll into a ball.

8. Pad the ball with some flour and press it into moon cake mould.

9. Plunge it out slowly.Brush away excess flour around the mooncake.

10. Chill in the fridge before serving. This is an unbaked pandan mooncake. Best served chilled.

11. You can mixed any filling you love,just make your own creative !! :)

12. Kind Reminder: Weight of the skin and filling depend on the size of the mould.

A healthy, yummy homemade Vegan snow white pandan mooncake. Perfect as a gift for your relatives and friends,.





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