Raw Vegan Energy Salad

Salak ,Goji Berries ,Dates Salad

Raw Vegan Energy Meal

Raw Vegan Energy Salad +

Raw Vegan Energy Balls

Proudly present, Veganlogy‘s Energizer – Raw Vegan Energy Meal!

Delicious + Nutrition + Sugar Free + Raw + Vegan + Fat Free

In order to prepare this RAW VEGAN ENERGY MEAL, all you have to do is just add up all the ingredients in both recipes (which is similar) and prepare together.

Both of this Raw Vegan Energy Meal is included one amazing healthy food, which is Salak – The Snake Skin Fruit!

It is simple. Child friendly. Energizer!

Raw Vegan Energy Salad and Energy Balls - Avocado-salak-pineapple-gojiberries-medjooldates

Raw Vegan Energy Salad and Raw Vegan Energy Balls


Salak, Goji berries, Medjool dates Salad

Raw Vegan Salak Energy Salad

Best to serve before Raw Vegan Energy Balls.

Raw Vegan Energy Salad

Salak ,Goji Berries ,Dates Salad

By Bernice Shak Published: September 10, 2012

  • Yield: 1 plate (1 Servings)
  • Prep: 20 mins

Raw Sugar Free Vegan Nutrition Energy Salad



  1. Peel the salak scaly rough skin and remove the seed cut them into strips. Keep aside.
  2. Clean iceberg lettuce, torn into small pieces. Peel and cut avocado into cube. Cut Medjool Dates into strips.
  3. Place all the above ingredients in a serving salad plate. Mix the dressing well and drizzle overtop of Salak Salad. Love Buah Salak taste good ♥♥
    Salak ,Goji Berries ,Dates Salad
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