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Make Your Own ~GARBAGE ENZYME~ A Safety Multipurpose Uses


How To Make Your Own Garbage Enzyme

I have been using Garbage Enzyme for more than six years !

This is an amazing garbage enzyme ! I have make many years on fruits peels and veggie, I prefer fruits enzyme.Veggie are more stinky. Is Ok, Veggie enzyme also very good which you can use as fertilizer. The main motive is to recycle our own kitchen foods waste and save our environment & save some of our household detergents or fertilizer expenses!! senyumkenyit

garbage enzyme
Wonderful muti use Eco/ Fruits Garbage Enzymes.

Stunning environmental enzyme function, also known as “junk enzyme”!

We may wish to look at home trial.

What is Garbage Enzyme ??

(ECO Enzyme / Garbage Enzyme)?

Garbage enzyme is the solution produced by fermentation of fresh kitchen waste-fruits and vegetables dregs, brown sugar, jaggery and water. It is dark brown and has a strong sweet sour fermented scent. Garbage enzyme is multipurpose liquid and its applications covers household, agriculture, animals husbandry etc….

Enzyme technology is the environmental factors Kun Thai music.

Pupan Dr Woon (Dr Rosukon Poompanvong) after 30 years of research and development efforts of a enzyme peels vegetables, kitchen waste, commonly known as “garbage enzyme.” Prof .Yue Su Kun to the spirit of compassion to her the secret of the enzyme completely open, but to promote the public enzyme system to do their own home environment, she understands that only every household know how to do environmental enzyme system, to use the environmentally friendly enzymes in our daily lives, to reduce kitchen waste  we can further lead a healthy organic life.

Prof.Le Su Kun : if you do 100,000 barrels of garbage enzyme, its effect is equivalent to 1 million trees, this is worth .

The enzyme is a mixture of brown sugar and water, kitchen waste (fruit peels vegetable waste), after three months of fermentation, they can either use legislation.

Environmental enzymes after fermentation into brown liquid with a citrus-like odor stimulation – its countless uses.

It is not only a simple production process, production of ingredients are also readily available; addition to saving money, while widely used, can help reduce amount of garbage from a significant role in environmental protection.

Enzyme produced from environmentally friendly ozone (O3), a bacteria that can help increase the oxygen content in the air, reducing air emissions and toxic gases, but also break down artificial chemical pollutants, drains the ointment.

Enzyme instead of using environmentally friendly chemical cleaning products at home and into the sewer can also clean rivers and oceans, achieve environmental results.

According to Dr. Joean Oon (one Malaysian Naturopathic Physicians, the number one supporter of garbage enzyme):

1 liter of the enzyme can purify 1000 liters of water

General advanced countries, 45% of the waste are wet waste such as: fruit, vegetable waste, such as kitchen waste, such as can they be effectively dealt with, into a useful enzyme, would not merit one? In Malaysia, some people collect waste fruits peels or buy fruits waste from the owner of fruits store! for our next generation, to a little bar, everyone DIY!!

If one of the restaurant, the manager wishes to peel vegetables, health proposal made kitchen garbage enzyme, does not require a lot of space. Effective length of the school, the teacher can teach kids environmental enzyme production, the children very happy!!!

Dr. Joean Oon, Malaysia’s who is the first supporter of garbage enzyme in Malaysia !

Prof. Le Su Kun. Dr . Joean, Dr. Rosukon Poompanvong are the ….

Founder of Organic Farming Association of Thailand. Pupan Dr Woon help on several occasions Thailand, Europe, Taiwan, Malaysia and other countries of the organic farmers, cooperative training a large number of excellent organic farming produce.

A large sand, with environmental enzymes irrigation

Four months later, as E a fertile organic farm.

Environmental enzymes can hold 200 litres vats; such barrels have 30 litres of.

Home-made environmental enzymes 1 to 4 Litres

It began making drums or ten days ago, and every day looking forward to the release of the gas cap open,

has very strong aroma of the whole surrounding .

Good environmental enzymes photos from oz enzymesos function of the enzyme site environment (external): years of real experience in mind busy.

Human skin: unhealed for many years to treat various skin diseases, wounds, burns, inflammation and other symptoms. (Note: external)

The help of fruit and vegetable farmers: Garbage enzyme can reduce pests, improve the delicious fruits and vegetables, to speed up harvest. By the time they immediately see the results.

Experiments show that the enzyme can be of reducing environmental EMF index: air conditioners, computers or the electromagnetic waves released by the TV, the test device index is 55 to 60 more, but if the room near the air conditioner at home, where the computer or TV, put a vat environmental enzymes tester’s index dropped to 13 so soon. can not pot in the house kind of person, you can trial the enzyme environment.

Environmental enzyme can be activated quickly shot dead trees, flowers, grass, etc., to make land fertile together.

Environmental enzymes can increase the room air circulation.

Cleaning sewers: environmental enzymes used last flow channel, can cleanse the rivers and oceans. To avoid causing flooding, flooding problems.

Water pipe plug: You can clear the toilet or sink.

Deodorant, clean exhaust gas: a deodorant function, can eliminate the smell of cigarettes, car exhaust, gas and other household spray, while increasing the oxygen content of air.

House mosquitoes, flies, mice, cockroaches will reduce the number.

Reduce waste: discarded food waste releases methane gas, lead to global warming than carbon dioxide level of 21 times.

Save money: of the kitchen waste to DIY green cleaning products, saving the family expenses.

Reduce the harmful bacteria: can break down and destroy harmful microorganisms and mold.

Home life is a good helper: can be used as natural cleaning agents, air digestive agent, detergent, car care agent, such as clothes softener and organic fertilizers.Enzymes in fruit and vegetable waste pesticides can be removed, as long as the cap of the enzyme into the two vegetables of the basin, let Soak fruits and vegetables can be 30 minutes more.

After the flood: the enzyme if it can be poured into the vat of green sewage or flood clean up the environment after the enzymes are added to avoid the growth of harmful bacteria, rodent and odor removed

The basic approach environmental enzymes



 1 kg -Brown sugar (brown sugar or jaggery sugar, not white sugar,functions very strong)

3 kg-  Food residue / peels (vegetable leaf, turnips vegetables tail, cabbages, fruit peels, potato skins, etc.)

10 liter Water

~ Brown sugar: Any fruits peels residue: water ratio is 1 : 3 : 10

(not necessarily to be calculated in kg)

~ simple container: a plastic device port openings sealed ingredients:-

1. To prepare the mouth of a plastic container closures.

2. The water and brown sugar poured into porcelain, ceramic vat or plastic tank, were stirred clockwise direction.

Stir well, add fresh kitchen waste.Fresh Garbage, including: fresh leaves, fruits, skin, ready to throw away the vegetables or plants.

3. Containers leave some space in order to prevent overflow outside the container when the enzyme fermentation.

4. Keep container tightly closed.

5. The production process will produce gas, if you use too narrow mouth of the container (such as mineral water bottles), remember that a day will slightly open mouth of the bottle to vent gases, to avoid the bottle was fit to burst.If using a wide-mouth container, the gas will naturally out of, than those without such problems.

6. From time to time the garbage floating in the liquid pressed on, it soaked in liquid

7. Environmental enzymes should be on the air circulation and cool place, avoid direct sunlight, the fermentation can be used after 3 months.Note: The first month of the required daily cover on the open mouth of the container, releasing the gas, the gas is very strong, it is not proposed to use glass containers and health. Some environmental enzymes after a week later, it would not be strong, so much the need to open built.~

Fruits skin
Fruits skin


My Fruits garbage enzyme...need fermentation for 3 month.
My Fruits garbage enzyme…need fermentation for 3 month.


After 3 month ready made concentrated Eco/ Garbage Enzymes.
After 3 month ready made concentrated Eco/ Garbage Enzymes.


Wonderful muti use Eco/ Fruits Garbage Enzymes.
Wonderful muti use Eco/ Fruits Garbage Enzymes.

After 3 month ready made concentrated Eco/ Garbage Enzymes. Benefit of Garbage Enzyme – Multipurpose Uses & Safer and Cleaner Alternative~~

Production of enzymes should be noted that environmental issues

1. Avoid using glass or metal containers can not be expanded.

2. With a little trash, including leftovers, fresh vegetable leaves, fruit peels and other discarded vegetable or plant preparations, excluding waste paper, plastics, metal cans and bottles.


3. To avoid the use of fish, meat, or oily food waste, as it will cause foul odor; if the enzyme produced a fragrance smell, you can add orange peel, lemon peel and the smell of pandan leaves, fruit and vegetables well.if you put more vegetable waste, then it will taste a bit like pickles taste, if you put more fruit, its taste will be very fragrant.

Take note here ¦~ Do Remember to write on the production date.

4. Successful environmental enzymes was brown, but also stimulating smell like oranges, will be good environmental enzyme system filter into the bottle until ready to use; if the enzyme is black, that is corruption, failed, but simply add the same amount of brown sugar , re-fermentation and 3 months.

5. Environmental enzyme fermentation in the first month, you will smell the smell of alcohol will be; the second month you will begin to smell sour taste, that is acetic acid. There are many substances, minerals, vitamins, etc. and so on, and then the enzyme produced by decomposition after. Dr Joean said that after three months, environmental enzymes could be used to use.It will be very stable. Of course, after three months, you can keep lying, not necessarily immediately poured out the enzyme. It can hold one, two, three, ten, twenty years no problem fermentation for 6 months or more enzymes best, the longer the fermentation period, the smaller molecules inside, because it will continue the fermentation, decomposition. the time when the penetration of smaller molecules, the stronger the effect the better Environmental enzymes do not expire, the longer the more alcohol.

Do not place the refrigerator, cold will reduce the enzyme activity.

6. If you find that the liquid surface of white, black or brown floating objects, without regard to, let it continue to ferment.Different environments, different fruits and vegetables will be the color of the fermentation bacteria, according to the production process if they fly eggs, do not worry, they will be broken down during fermentation, it also shows that the enzyme is not the biological environmental harm.There are some enzymes, would give birth to a layer of white on it, like fungus, rest assured, those are the bodies of bacteria.

After some people do enzymes placed and, after a very long period of time, it will suddenly start having a layer of something like jelly. It is the yeast enzyme the “mother”: you can put an out, on an empty cans, and then add water stood, it is itself an enzyme.

7. Utilize waste residue left after fermentation:

Can be used dried, minced buried in the earth after the purported fertilizer

* After blending a black or brown sugar, net of septic tanks into the toilet, which can be broken down to those of ammonium and transformed into our environment very well, very effective in our plant nitrate.

Or can remain in the container, add a new fresh garbage again brewing enzymes.

8. If the moment can not collect enough amount of fresh garbage, garbage can be added fresh 3-month period, counting from the day of the last to join.

9. To keep the atmosphere: If every household will be home in the garbage, into environmental protection and good use of enzymes, not only can greatly reduce the damage the environment and for global warming emissions, but also to create and repair can reduce the effect of the atmosphere at room temperature ozone, and to green the earth, warming the people

Enzyme environmental problems … remedies:

Production of enzymes from the first day to the last day, the enzyme is never bad, will be bad because of our environment, and our production process may be out of a number of condition

Q: If you do come out of the enzyme into a stink, just like the smell of rotten eggs that some of how to remedy the situation?

A: Simply put, up to one of the brown sugar, sugar weight ratio in accordance with the original to add, and then stir it, sealing tightly, not to open it. A month later, and then open it fully will get better the.

Q: There are so situation: why would we do when the enzyme vermin it?

A: The main reason is that the lid is not good, cover is not tight.Put the lid on tightly built as long as your words, usually not worms.So the bottle cap very important very import to be sealed, the enzyme, cover and take care of it very good, it will not worms Not necessarily represent the worm enzyme is not good. Good enzyme, it must be a little sour taste, and then very fragrant.

Q: The release of vapor when the need to stir it?

A: The barrel of the environmental enzymes can continue stirring by hand, small (like the 1 liter bottles), will not have to shake the stir it

Use of environmentally friendly enzyme – the enzyme can be diluted with waste.

1. Gardening or farming: 1000 times diluted with water can be used as natural insecticides, herbicides and organic fertilizers, and plant hormones to stimulate, improve quality and increase production of fruits and vegetables.Continuous pouring the green enzyme 3 months in the land can improve soil quality, so the land back to life.

2. Household cleaning agents: enzymatic incorporation of environmental protection can be used shampoo, shower gel, dish soap and laundry water, can reduce the chemical composition.1 environmental enzymes: Article 1 washing agent: 10 parts water.)

3. Washing fruits and vegetables: Add 30 ml or two tablespoons in 1 liter of water environment in the enzyme, soak 45 minutes.

4. Clean floor: Add 30 ml or two tablespoons of ground water, environmental enzymes in the wipe can be cleaned and disinfected the floor

5. Vehicle maintenance: Add 30 ml or two tablespoons of environmental enzymes in the car tank, can reduce the engine temperature.

6. When the dishwashing liquid: an enzyme, a cleaning agent and ten parts water, dissolved into the device, you can use many times

7. When the wipe in solution: one or two caps enzymes, into the half-baked.

8. When the liquid detergent: four to five caps of enzymes, reduced use of detergent

9. The flowers, poured vegetables: a bottle of the enzyme, with 1.5 liters of water’

Pupan Dr Woon said that every 1 liter of enzyme estimated 1,000 liters of water can be purified; Friday, dumping more than 1,000 liters of the enzyme, it is estimated to more than 100 million liters of clean water.

She stressed on her activities, just not only advocating clean river, but  hope more people respond, especially in the home do it yourself enzyme, the use of enzymes.Imagine, every member of the production of garbage enzyme at home hands-on the one hand, reduce waste, on the other hand clean dirty water, or the remaining enzymes discharged into ditches, rivers and the sea, indirectly, to purify other water sources.

How to promote environmentally friendly production of the enzyme family and friends:

1. Making their first bottles of concentrated environmental enzymes.

Notice :for more fragrance using some lemon, apple, orange, passion fruit skin, the peak pears.

2. The fermentation of good environmental enzymes into different small bottle, add the appropriate water, water the flowers can be divided into use, and spray into the interior (such as toilets) air use, or sprayed with the bacteria elimination pets. Etc. give to your friends and family. and give them instructions to explain the production of environmentally friendly enzymes.

Because the environmental enzymes have 3 months to ferment, the weather will also affect the environmental enzymes cold fermentation time (a little slower), so please everyone (those interested) as soon as possible while the weather is still good,hope everyone try and make the world more better for tomorrow !!

I try to rewrite  & translate this article from Chinese to English.

For more environmentally friendly practices enzymes, images,video pls refer here:-

DIY Natural Home Spray mealy bugs enzyme:-

Soak some dried chillis in Garbage enzyme for 1 month ( i  added some garlic in my enzyme too )

1 tsp Garbage enzyme

2 tbsp Chilli enzyme

200 ml water.

spray the chilli enzyme on branches & leaves affected by mealy bugs.

A great natural Chilli enzyme spray is particularly effective against ants, aphids and other insects.

Chilli  spray enzyme

Soak for Lemon grass for 1 month ~ Lemon grass spray enzyme for mosquitoes

1 tsp Garbage enzyme

2 tbsp lemon grass enzyme

200 ml water.

Lemon grass spray enzyme to control mosquitoes around your area.


lemon grass spray enzyme

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Bernice Shak
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  • Hi, I am frm multinational company. We are interested to know in more details on how can the Enzyme system applied in our cafetaria. May i know how to contact Dr.Joean Oon ?

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    Thanks a lot for this contribution! It’s been very useful for me. Everything is very
    open and represents very clear explanation of issues. Really blogging is spreading its wings quickly. Your write up is a good example of What is Garbage Enzyme ??. Your website is very useful. Thanks for sharing.

    Purified Enzymes

    • Pow Pow Shak

      Gratitude ~ thanks for like and sharing ! Hope everyone recycle their own kitchen fruits/food waste to save our environment. Garbage Enzyme is wonderful animals free household detergents and safety fertilizer !! …

  • Why my enzym is thick after one months?

    • Pow Pow Shak

      May be your added too many fruits skin, is ok to have a think enzyme

      or you can add more water and more brown sugar and have to fermentation for another 3 months .

      Your enzymes should be on the air circulation and cool place, avoid direct sunlight. ,Note: The first month of the required daily cover on the open mouth of the container, releasing the gas.

  • Can I make garbage enzyme longer than 3 months?

    • Pow Pow Shak

      yes, is ok as long as it exceed more than 3 months.Some of my friends keep for more than 1 yrs:)
      Don’t throw away your residue.
      I buried the residue of garbage enzyme in my garden yard which will then fertilize and enrich garden soil. Made full use of the reduce organic waste, a great recycle, all will be used in the end………zero waste……..o..o….isn’t this wonderful ? 🙂
      Be Vegan . Go Green, Save our Planet !

      • How often can I water plants with enzyme?

        • Pow Pow Shak

          Gardening or farming: 1000 times diluted with water can be used as natural insecticides, herbicides and organic fertilizers, and plant hormones to stimulate, improve quality and increase production of fruits and vegetables.Continuous pouring the enzyme 3 months in the land can improve soil quality, so the land back to life.

          • But I ask how often water, Once a week, once a month or?What will happened if I dilute 500 times, I read that some people dilute 500 times

          • Guest

            1 use small cap (2 tbps) to 1 liter water,twice a month in my garden yard,Actually I personally do not follow the above ratios. After many years of using garbage enzyme, I just add in the amount enzyme /water I feel comfortable with it to watering my plants, flowers 🙂

          • Pow Pow Shak

            1 use small cap (2 tbps) to 1 liter water,twice a month in my garden yard,Actually I personally do not follow the above ratios. After many years of using garbage enzyme, I just add in the amount enzyme /water I feel comfortable with it to watering my plants, flowers 🙂

  • Elly

    Hi, I have fermented the garbage enzyme for about 3 months already and recently noticed that there are maggots (worms). How do I save this situation?

    • Errr….so many years, I have not seen any worms in my enzymes, and so,. thank goodness .. May I know what scraps did you use to prepare your enzymes,did you clean your container/bottles.?

      I have used peels of lemons, oranges, apples, dragon fruit, pineapple, I am guessing that the worms came from some sort of meat contamination or there was not enough sugar to kill the worms? Personally, I am afraid of worms and FOR ME I wouldn’t thrown the enzyme away will fertilizing them in my garden yard.
      It may just be easier to make another new batch and not have to worry if more worms will turn up in your current enzyme. Or, if you are brave enough, my friend told me you can let your current enzyme continue fermenting by add more black sugar and fruits,use stewart or sieve cloth to sieve the maggot refermenting and see how it goes. At the end of the fermentation period the enzyme would be too strong for any worms to survive.

      Pls clean all plastic bottles /container/drums and the cover carefully not to allow little bugs/insects/flies go into your garbage enzyme.

      Have fun making your Garbage enzymes and

      Good Luck !

  • Haris

    Hello i am Haris i am is indonesians and my language is indonesian but i am good in english my i join?

    • Pow Pow Shak

      yes , you are welcome to Veganlogy 🙂

  • Haris

    and my question is why we can’t use meat at producing a garbage enzyme?

    • No meat ! Meat is dead animals ! Terrible awful odor associated with a deceased animals ,will encounter flies and worms all round your house area !!! Unhealthy for your healthy too……..

      Animals is not Meat ! Compassion for animals respect for the environment.

      101 Reasons to Go Vegan – ARFF

  • Teresa Richard Hoffman

    If I add to my homemade soap, what is the usage rate? My soap is usually 32 oz of oils.Makes just under 2 lb loaf ,with drying

    • I added in my shower gel ~Ratio = 1 part enzyme : 1 part showergel : 10 parts water
      i never try homemade soap before , great experiment to try with added enzyme.
      You can add about 50-100 cc in your soap..

      Send some picture after you have made it and also your recipe .

      Have lovely day 🙂

  • Thank you visiting veganlogy and gratitude for your nice comment.
    i am so happy to recycle and turns all my fruits/veggie into garbage enzyme and made safety multipurpose uses and cleaner alternative~~~ for many years.
    Grateful for such a wonderful and great ideal of Dr Rosukon Poompanvong .
    If every household recycle their home fruits and veggie garbage into enzyme , not only can greatly reduce the environment and to green the earth too.

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  • naganand naresh

    Hi can you please share the ratio of red chillies/garlic and lemon grass and enzyme to be mixed to ferment.
    Or should we make chilly/garlic enzyme and lemon grass enzyme individually to be mixed with garbage enzyme ?

    • the ratio of 1 cup dried chilli 1/2 cup garlic to 2000ml enzyme to mixed to fermentation for another 3 months.
      chili/garlic and lemon grass enzyme is individually to be mixed with garbage enzyme.

  • SS Ang

    Hi, may I know how long can the enzyme last or expired after adding water, enzyme and dish-wash liquid in a bottle of 800ml for dish-washing? thanks.

    • hi the enzyme fermentation after 3 months and there is no expired after adding water.
      When the dishwashing liquid: an enzyme, a cleaning agent and ten parts water, dissolved into the device, you can use many times.