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** Chinese New Year Vegan Cuisine Recipes 5 ** Raw Veggie & Fruits YeeSang

Raw Veggie & Fruits YeeSang

 Chinese New Year Must Have! Yee Sang


Vegan Lou Sang


1 whole lime cut quarters

1 cup ogo seaweeds

1 cup shredded radish

1 cup shredded carrot

1 cup shredded water apple

1 cup shredded mango

1 cup pomelo ,break coarsely

1 cup shredded cucumber

1 cup jicama

50 gm pickled ginger

1 stalk corider leaves only

some fried golden crispy popiah seaweeds

1/2 cup  toasted coarsely ground peanuts

3 tbsp toasted white sesame seeds

Vegan Yee Sang Sauce
Vegan Yee Sang Passion fruit Sauce

Sauce :

1 passion fruit pulp

5  tbsp vegan plum sauce

2 lime squeeze for juice

1/4 sea salt

1 tbsp pure water

1 tsp sesame oil


** Roll the spring roll sheet with seaweeds .Deep fry the spring roll seaweeds until golden brown and crispy …or you can just cut the spring roll into small strips and dip fry.

** To serve arrange all the raw shredded veggie, ogo seaweeds and fruits on to a large platter together with lime, peanuts, sesame seeds, pickled ginger.

** Just before serving drizzle passion fruits plum sauce , squeeze lime juice over the dish and toss (LOH HEI ..Fa..Fa..Fa) together with all family member using chopstick till all veggie well mixed .

Serve immediately  !!!

Golden Crispy Mini Seaweeds Spring Rolls Here !!

Golden Crispy Mini Seaweeds Spring Roll

Not to be missed!

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