Vegan Dumplings Soup


vegan Dumpling soup

vegan Dumpling soup


1/2 Cabbage

Dry mushrooms, soaked in hot water 1/2 mushrooms

100 gm. Loving Hut Organic Vegan Ham

1/2  Carrot

1 cup water chestnuts -peeled ,clean & chopped

1/2 tsp sea salt

1 tbsp in powder form Flavor enhancer (If preferred)

2 tbsp sesame oil

2 sliced  ginger-grated

1/4  tsp pepper

1 pack Vegan Dumpling  pastry

1. Shredded the cabbage, Carrot ,mushrooms, Vegan ham into small pieces.

2. Mix the cabbage with a tbsp of salt to draw the water out. Leave

it to stand for 10-15  minutes, then squeeze the water out .

3. Add the mushrooms, and the vegan ham to the mixture.

4. Add in grated ginger, flavor enhancer, sesame oil,pepper,

salt to taste.

5. Put about 1 tbsp of the Veggie mixture on the  dumpling  pastry

and fold it up, pressing the rim together.


For Soup:

Loving Hut Vegi seaweed balls

Some seaweed

Brocoli sprouts

Boiled in hot vegetable broth,add in loving hut vegi seaweeds balls , dumpling.

Once the dumplings  start floating, they are done.

Serve  hot with some seaweed and brocoli sprouts.


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