Aloe Vera & Grosvenor Momordica Fruit Dessert

Aloe Vera & Grosvenor Momordica fruit


Aloe Vera & Grosvenor Momordica Fruit

Freshly Cut Aloe Vera & Grosvenor Momordica Fruit

Grosvenor Momordica Fruit + RAW Aloe Vera = Natural Wonder for Skin and Body

This dessert can be served hot or cold. Besides, it is a good remedy for cough and sore throat. And of course, if you are suffering from these illness, please drink it HOT. You will feel relief after that. This drink is also good to clear body-heatiness.

This dessert is also good for skin (beauty) and with a very low calorie value! However, the natural sweetness level of Grosvenor Momordica fruit extract is 300 times of sugar cane! Natural is always better than artificial, agree?

2 pcs Grosvenor Momordica Fruit

50 gm Dry Longan

4 stalks Aloe Vera-Peeled and rinse throughly cut into cube


1.Crushed Corsvenor Momordica fruit into small pieces.

2.Add 1.5 liter of pure water cook for 30 mins in low heat.

3.Then, add in dry longan.
*Reminder: DO NOT ADD SUGAR! Natural sweetness flavour of Grosvenor Momordica fruit is more than enough.

4.Cook for another 15 mins.

5.Turn off the heat. Lastly, add in all Aloe Vera cube.
*Reminder: Do not cook Aloe Vera, eat RAW!

6.Like I said, it is an amazing recipe for cough and sore throat.
Served hot if you are suffering.
Served cold, as dessert to clear body-heatiness.

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